Sunday, May 1, 2011

To Middy or Not

My hair has been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. As a child, it was super-thick and seemed to turn to frizz the moment a brush so much as touched it. As soon as flat irons became the rage, I bought one and used it faithfully until I started trying to recreate vintage styles. Over the years, I have experimented with numerous hair curling implements, and while I can truthfully say my skills have improved somewhat over that time, I still couldn't honestly say that I'm happy with my hair. The texture has also changed dramatically over time; now I feel like my hair is flat and lifeless, though that could be the weather this time of year. (Let's hope!) All of which leads up to the actual point of this post: I have heard some ladies say that curling and styling their hair is much easier after getting a middy haircut. If there is anyone reading this who has or has had a middy, what do you think? Does it make that big of a difference? Would you recommend it to someone else? Just for reference, my hair is about chin-length, I never do rolls or updos, I prefer to set with perm rods or pin curls, and I basically always attempt to have my hair in a vintage style. Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  1. I have a middy and it's the best cut I have ever had! So yes, I recommend it to other. My hair is longer than yours, though. I find it very easy to manage, both if I curl it and when I just let it dry naturally.

    I have written a post about it, with some pics, if you are interested:

  2. Land Girl 1980 had the chop recently and is finding it much easier to manage. If its bothering you, a cut might bring more life to it.

  3. @Isis: I really appreciated your feedback and photos! You and your hair both look fabulous.

    @Lady Cherry: thank you for giving me another more blog to check it out! I did have it cut (I'll be writing a post about it soon, hopefully), and it already has so much more bounce!

  4. I also have a middy. If you set your hair and don't do rolls you get a much better shape to it with some layers and a curve to it!

    I've also written about my hair cut. It's actually a bit shorter now than it is in this post.

  5. I just got my first middy a few weeks ago and love it! I use hot sticks, hot rollers, pin curls or rag curls and all methods work SO much better now that I have layers. My stylist left a bit more length at the crown, and thinned it out and I've loved my hair ever since. Mine is a bit longer than yours but you can see pics of it on my blog too. Good luck!!

  6. @Retro Chick: thank you for sharing! Your modified middy looks great, and your hair color is gorgeous!

    @Brittany: hmm, I just might have to give rag curlers another go now; thanks for the suggestion! Mine has more length at the crown too, which I think has worked well for me.